Parent Concerns
If you have a safety concern regarding a CHISD teacher, student, campus or event, please complete and submit this form. Be as specific as possible regarding the details and location of the safety concern and provide your contact information if you would like to be contacted. The Cedar Hill ISD Police Department will receive an email notification and review the safety report. They will notify the proper department or campus to address the concern.

Student and Parent Grievances

The faculty and staff of Cedar Hill ISD are committed to the service of our students and their parents by responding promptly and professionally to concerns or grievances that may arise.

Student and Parent Grievances are governed by CHISD Board Policies FNG (Legal) and FNG (Local). These policies may be viewed by clicking the Links tab at the top, selecting the CHISD Policy Online link, and then entering the policy code.

How do you resolve parent concerns?

If you, as the parent or guardian of a Cedar Hill ISD student, have concerns about your child's education, we want to talk with you. Sitting down and talking with the people who interact most often with your child on a daily basis - his/her teacher or counselor - can remedy most concerns.

  1. Honest communication and mutual respect help make the school experience a pleasant one for everyone involved.

  2. Since parents and teachers share the responsibility for the education and socialization of children, it is important that they share their perspective on any issue.

  3. It is important to address an issue or concern quickly, therefore, you should contact the person most directly involved with your child in regards to the matter of concern.

  4. For example, contact the Physical Education teacher if the concern is related to physical education; the reading teacher if the concern is relating to reading; the counselor if it is a scheduling issue or a personal issue; and so on.

  5. Calling the school and leaving a message for the person to return your call is one way to make contact.

  6. You can also send a note or email to the appropriate campus personnel requesting a conference with the teacher or counselor.

  7. Be sure to state whether you are requesting a personal conference, a phone conference, or perhaps simply a written reply from the person regarding your concern.

Most concerns can be and usually are resolved at the classroom level. However, if after visiting with the teacher or campus counselor your concerns have not been addressed, you may choose to follow the four-level process listed below:

Level One:
Within 15 business days of the incident causing the concern/complaint, request a meeting with the principal.

Level Two:
Within 10 business days of receipt of the Level 1 decision letter, request a meeting with the Parent Liaison.

Level Three:
Within 10 business days of receipt of the Level II decision letter, request a meeting with the Chief Operation Officer.

Level Four:
If all other Levels have been exhausted, you may request in writing within 10 business day of your receipt of the Level III decision letter a hearing before the Board of Education. This will be a closed session/hearing as permitted by the Texas Open Meeting Act.

 REFERENCE: 2014-2015 Student Code of Conduct (in Spanish)