Did You Know

Did You Know......


  • When you get a copy of the menu, you'll see that there are icons on the menu that note the entrees that contain less than 30% calories from fat or contain 10 grams or less of total fat.


  • The only milk choices are Fat Free Chocolate and 1% White. 


  • We bake and steam everything. 


  • We only use margarine. 


  • Some of our items are pre-prepared frozen, and some are made from scratch.


  • The pre-prepared frozen items are specialty items, they are not available in any grocery store.  Sodexo sends specs that require items to meet nutritional requirements and the food manufacturers create a product that is both nutritionally wholesome and convenient to school programs.


  • The website for CHISD Child Nutrition has nutrient analysis for the items on the menu. 


  • The cookies we sell are actually whole grain and reduced fat.


  • The pizza we have is only available twice a week at elementary and intermediate schools and it is also a whole grain dough made with low fat mozzarella.   


  • The cheeses are all low fat.


  • The chips we sell are also reduced fat or baked.


  • Our focus is to encourage kids to eat healthier.  As a result, most snack bars have been eliminated.  We will offer responsible snack and ala carte choices, however those choices will be distributed throughout all lines.  In addition, most lines will have reimbursable lunch choices.