Pregancy Related Services
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Eligibility for PRS Form

The Cedar Hill Independent School District offers the following educational and support services for students who are pregnant or who are parents under the Pregnancy Related Services Program as stated in Section 29.085, Texas Education Code:

  • Individual counseling and self help programs
  • Career Counseling and job-readiness training
  • Compensatory Education Home Instruction (CEHI)
  • Instructions related to knowledge and skills in child development, parenting, and home and family living (parenting classes)
  • Assistance to students in the program in obtaining available services from government agencies or community service organizations, including prenatal and postnatal health and nutrition programs

Pregnancy Related Services are support services the pregnant student receives to help her adjust and stay in school during the pregnancy and postpartum periods.

These services include instructional and support services delivered to the student:

  • when the student is attending classes on her regular campus,
  • when the pregnancy prevents the student from attending school, and
  • during the postpartum period.

A district may choose to offer both support and instructional services to the student or may choose to offer only the instructional services through Compensatory Education Home Instruction when the student is confined at home during the prenatal period and during the postpartum period.


  • Any school-age female student who is pregnant is eligible for services under the PRS program.
  • Eligibility for PRS ends upon the student's return to her regular service at a school campus.

Maternity Leave Guidelines

Students in the PRS program will receive 30 weekdays maternity leave when their babies are delivered.

The school nurse will send a Return to School Letter to the student explaining the maternity leave and what the student must do.

Enrollment Procedure

The student's eligibility to receive PRS is verified by either:

  • a medical practitioner or nurse midwife licensed to practice in the United States; or
  • an advanced nurse practitioner.

Withdrawal Procedure

A student is withdrawn from the PRS program upon any of the following, whichever comes first:

  • the date the student no longer receives services through the PRS program;
  • during the postpartum period, the student's early return to full-time service at a school district facility; or
  • six calendar weeks after the delivery date, unless the postpartum period was extended by the student's medical practitioner for a period of up to four additional calendar weeks.