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Community Partnerships
Cedar Hill ISD partners with several local agencies, businesses, and churches to provide additional support to our students, parents, and faculty. CHISD currently benefits from the following community partnerships:


The TurnAround Agenda - provides weekly mentors to meet with students and help reinforce positive behavior and emphasize four major areas of student need: staying in school, sexual abstinence, abstinence from drugs, no involvement in gangs/ violence

Big Brothers Big Sisters - provide weekly mentors who meet with students in an effort to support their academic and behavioral performance through a lasting, positive adult connection.

Metro Mentoring - provides weekly mentors for students who meet program criteria. Call for details.

Local Churches - provide mentors who establish positive relationships with students and help to support their school success through various activities. The following churches in the CHISD and surrounding areas provide mentors and additional resources to our students in need:

  • Antioch FellowshipMissionary  Baptist Church, Dallas, TX
  • High Pointe Baptist Church, Cedar Hill, TX
  • Destiny Worship Center, Cedar Hill, TX
  • Building the Kingdom Community Church, Cedar Hill, TX
  • Thanksgiving Tabernacle, Cedar Hill, TX

Cedar Hill Chamber of Commerce - supports the school district through financial and material donations, volunteering of time, and offering of resources to aid in basic needs for students, higher achievement, and extra-curricular activities

Northwood University - partners with the school to provide opportunities for students in the areas of educational achievement, business careers, theatre arts, and other areas of student activity

Municipal Partnerships (court) in Cedar Hill and Truancy court in Dallas county help to provide opportunities for students to improve behavior through mandated assignments to counseling at school, group counseling, mentors, and community service

Drug Prevention Resources, Inc - partners with CHISD to provide drug prevention education and intervention for secondary students; numerous material resources are also provided to help support students' basic school needs

CHISD also partners with the Southern Dallas County Educational Consortium; Cedar Hill Lions Club; Cedar Hill Rotary Club; and the City of Cedar Hill.

Some of the current needs in the district include:

School Supplies
Food/Clothing assistance during Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays


If you wish to form a partnership with Cedar Hill ISD or provide assistance in any of these areas, please contact Dr. Chanda McGhee at 972.291.1581 ext. 4052.