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Band Coordinator - Peter Ward - CHHS & NGC Director of Bands - home campus CHHS - peter.ward@chisd.net

CHISD Vocal 5th-12th

Vocal Coordinator  Christopher Rhodes - CHHS & NGC Director of Choral Studies - home campus CHHS   - christopher.rhodes@chisd.net

CHISD Elementary Music

Elementary Music Coordinator  - Clement Gibson - Lake Ridge Music Instructor, home camps Lake Ridge - clement.gibson@chisd.net

CHISD Strings/Orchestra

Orchestra Coordinator  - Wendy Anuwe - Middle Schools Orchestra Director (BCMS & PMS) - home campus BCMSwendy.anuwe@chisd.net 

CHISD Visual Arts

Art / Visual Arts Coordinator - Michael Bruno - HS Visual Art Instructor- home campus CHHS - michael.bruno@chisd.net 

CHISD Theatre & Dance  

Theatre & Dance Coordinator Ben Parker - Head HS Theatre Instructor - home campus CHHS - ben.parker@chisd.net